Who can apply?
All students and PhD students studying or doing research in environmental sciences or sustainable development. Students from other fields are welcome, too, as long as they show strong interest in environmental/sustainability questions or are actively involved in environmental protection.

Deadline of application: April, 15 2015

Participation Fee
The participation fee is 100 Euros. This includes: Please note that your application is binding once you receive an acception letter from the EURENSSA 2015 team (after April, 15 2015).

EURENSSA 2015 will focus on Interdisciplinary Environmental Research. Since the number of participants is limited preference is given to applicants who are willing to give a presentation related to one of the three subtopics: Please specify the topic of your potential presentation in the application form including a short summary.
Ideally presentations should be 10 to 15 minutes and must not exceed 20 minutes.
If you have an idea for a workshop related to the subtopics and want to offer it during the meeting, please specify this. This will be considered during the selection of participants.

How to apply?
The application form can be downloaded here:

Please email the completed form to: eurenssateam[at]

Please take note that you will have to pay for transport to and from the conference venue by yourself. We only pay for transport during the conference programme. Furthermore, the conference is organised by students and is entirely based on donations. Thus we are not able to grant any funding for participants. Please be aware of this when you want to apply.

We are looking forward to your application!