EURENSSA (EURopean ENvironmental Sciences Student Association) is a summer camp for students that takes place every summer. It's a project organised by students for students. The summer camp creates a venue for students majoring in environmental sciences or sustainable development and also students that are actively involved in environmental protection. During the meeting the students exchange their ideas, presenting/discussing their work/research and learn new skills during workshops, lectures, field trips and simulation games. EURENSSA supports the intercultural approach of dealing with environmental questions and experiencing nature. One major aim of EURENSSA is to create a relaxed and fun place where students from different countries will make new friends with similar interests.

Since 2006 EURENSSA has been arranged in many different countries, including, Latvia, Ukraine, Sweden and Turkey, to mention a few. It is an outdoor event, where about 30 participants spend at least seven days together camping and doing most of their activities outside. Every meeting is different and their thematic focus differ depending on the students organising it. Topics of EURENSSA meetings can range from "Biodiversity" to "Sustainability in your daily life" or "Renewable energy". Therefore it is worth, to like EURENSSA on Facebook to stay informed if this year's topic covers your interests and studies!

List of previous EURENSSA meetings

EURENSSA meetings have been organised in following countries: